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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  September 18, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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just a fantastic friday, lots of sunshine, as we head into our weekend here but big changes are in store as we head into fall. we have details on that. good afternoon. i'm nicole brewer. it is last week even of the summer and we are in for a cool down. meteorologist kyla grogan live on the cbs-3 sky deck. fall is almost here. soon it will feel like it. >> it is but we have to revel in this gorgeous day right the now first and foremost because it is beautiful out here. we have a light breeze and
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temperature just particular nothing to the the 80's. lets look at where we are right now, philadelphia 81 degrees. we have made to it 81 in trenton and allentown. eighty in wilmington. millville 80. atlantic city 80 as well. lets check out storm san three, that is our beautiful blue sky that will stay with us throughout today and look where we are going. eighty-five and sunshine in the city, and then as you can see as we get into tomorrow another beautiful sunny day. nicole talk about the fact that we will see these temperatures change and start to see it on sunday. while today we are talking more 80's and sunshine we have to look out for some temperatures in the weekend and big change as we head sunday into monday. fall officially starts next wednesday. i will tell you right now we will not be talking about the 80's next wednesday. i will give you your seven day forecast coming up, nicole, that is your tease. >> a lot of people looking forward to paul, thank you. chopper three overpass dean a drive-in hamilton
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township mercer county where a fire tore through a home earlier today. there is a great deal of damage but in reported injuries. that is the good news. it is in the clear how fire started but investigators will search for that cause this afternoon. just a terrifying night for northeast philadelphia mother after three armed men, barged into her home and threatened her life. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch shows us home invasion took place with the women's children asleep, upstairs. >> reporter: detectives now continuing their investigation in, to a home invasion, that left a woman fearing for her life, in her own home. and her keen eye may help police catch the the three men who ransack her residence. >> according to the victim the three two-year old feel mail, none of the three males, were wearing, a brush. >> she was one a second on the bedroom. >> and, broke into her basement door. >> reporter: that three three-year old mother went to check on that noise which was breaking of her dead bolt
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lock. she quickly found herself surrounded by three masked men who will put her through hell in her own home. >> put a gun to her head, forced on on to the kitchen floor and then put a towel over her head, with the male saying do not look at us or we will shoot you. and then, while one male held a gun to her head, the other two she could hear going through the house, ransacking the house. >> reporter: mother waited in fear, gunned to her head, knowing her two-year old son and ten year-old daughter were asleep upstairs in their bedrooms. they and their rooms were a spared, other rooms were not. men escaped through an upstairs door. >> she believes that $800 in cash was the only thing taken at this time. >> reporter: neither that mother her children nor the family's dog were harmed. meantime, the the northeast detectives division is actively working this case and urging anyone who may have seen or heard anything suspicious in the the area of that penny pack block to give them a call. in northeast philadelphia, i'm
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justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> meantime police are hoping you recognize the suspect in the jewelry store robbery in girard estates. surveillance video fridays this jewelers on south 23rd street on monday at 5:30 in the afternoon. suspects punched an employee there and hold them at knife point an tie them up. they got away in a hyundai sonata with temporary tags. montgomery county sheriff's office is fighting crime from the air with a new drone. new drone could also assist with security during the papal visit next week. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live, with more on that, walt, what have you learned. >> reporter: well, you might say that there could be very special protection, looking down from above, when the the pontiff visits. none other than a very special tool, a drone that was unveiled right here at the montgomery county fire academy this morning. take a look at this nifty little gadget called the dragon fly. sheriff's department in montgomery county put on a display of fictitious scenario
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where a man with the bomb strapped to him and with weapons was in the pickup truck, drone which can go 30 miles an hour overhead with a camera and even able to listen in, giving a picture back to its operator obviously instead of committing manpower that could be hurt or even killed, the drone provides very important information instantly, sheriff russell bono elaborated on that. >> i would be remiss if i were to send a deputy downrange to check out a very explosive situation and have that deputy injured or killed. when i have this technology available and not use it. >> reporter: now, officials say obviously the drone comes with real concerns about privacy. they will be weighing those and examining them closely. got news is the price tag is right, the drone, which cost $10,000, all of it with the proceeds of crimes, and drug dealings, so in the end great protection possibly for the pope and it didn't cost anybody here a penny.
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we will show you more of this very interesting security tool later on, on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this afternoon, for now live from montgomery county, i'm walt hinter, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> sounds like a win/win walt, thank you. right now federal authorities are coming to town to check out philadelphia's security planning ahead of next week even's visit by pope francis. pope has a tenenscy to go off script and that could be a security issue. today home land security director jay johnson and secret service director joe clancy will review the cities plans. we will have details on their visit on "eyewitness news" starting at 5:00. does this look familiar to you? it is a spanish version of the love sculpture on display next week outside the art museum right near where pope francis alter is being built, amor is spanish for love and same leaning o just like the one in love park. both sculptures were made by artistness robert, indiana. the amor sculpture will stay in philadelphia for just months. the pope will be here in
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the city, in just days, you can find the complete resource guide on cbs well, philadelphia's 311 center is back opened for business today after a bed bug problem, yeah, exterminators gave city hall, yesterday afternoon after someone found a bed bug on the carpet. fifty workers went home, 311 service requests are being handled on line. there are no injury after this accident in mercer county. chopper three over route one in lawrenceville. tractor trailer lost its container while making a curve around 8:00 o'clock. crews are still on the scene but all lanes are getting by, right now. a friend of the 21 year-old man accused in the deadly shooting of nine church members in charleston is himself making a court appearance today. joey meeks was taken in custody yesterday. authorities say meek is accused of lying to investigators and failing to report a crime. meek has said that dylann have roof, at alleged gunman, lived with him before the shootings last june. it is day two of the
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military pretrial hearing to determine if former army sergeant bow bergdahl should face a court marshall. bergdahl was held by the taliban for five years after deserting his post in afghanistan back in 2009. he faces desertion and other charges which could carry a a possible sentence of life in prison. the the refugee crisis continues in europe, croatia is no longer welcoming migrants and refugees into that country. more than 14,000 migrants have streamed in croatia since wednesday. the country said it cannot handle anymore and closed its board ertz. migrants who did reach croatia they are expect to head elsewhere. 12:08. wawa is hoping to cash in on the pope's visit. coming up we will take you toia new flagship store that opened in center city. see what makes this wawa different from the rest. duchess of cambridge comes off maternity leave with a brand new look, kyla. bangs. >> wait a minute. >> and hey, i have got some news for you, we have been
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used to these beautiful days in the 80's but we have cooler weather coming our way, i'll give you weekend forecast and talk about 70's coming up. stay with us, "eyewitne
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some breaking news right the now a guilty plea in an accident that killed two teens in exton, back in february. thomas vera pleaded guilty to homicide by vehicle, among other charges. thinks the scene in february, where police say he was driving under the influence when he slammed his pickup truck in the back of the van
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carrying six people, for from the same family. two teens died in that crash. sentencing is november 5th. well, forbes magazine says you better bring some money when you go to the sunday eagles game home opener. they say eagles/cowboys game at the link is most expensive game in the nfl this sunday. average particular about $413. yeah. eagles defense will get a chance to make improvements this weekend, to be worth your money. falcons scored 26 points on the bird monday night, although eagles did berth in the second half. cowboys won their game last week. we will see how that shapes out. check out this wild finish in thursday night football game on cbs 36789 blank owes bradley robely recovered a fumble in the final seconds and scores, right there. the broncos, scored two touchdowns in the final 40 seconds to win 31-24. redskins and giants next thursday night on cbs-3. what a finish. hey, wawa opening up a new flagship store in center city, a lot of folks excited about
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this. they are taking over the old robinson luggage location. customers flooded the store today scooping up, plenty of free byes there thinks first wawa in 14 years to open without a gas station. wawa officials are trying new ideas at this location and even offering indoor dining, indoor seating there in that location. they are also some new menu items including new deserts from the on site bakery. former show boat casino in atlantic city has a new owner. tower investments will pay 22 million-dollar for that property. philadelphia developer bart blatstein is coe. stockton bought it in december for 18 million-dollar with plans to turn tonight to a satellite campus. and, talking the duchess of cambridge now she's back to work with a new look. kate middleton showed off her new haircut visiting the mental health center in london yesterday. charity visit is part of her campaign to raise awareness about children's mental health issues. the three three-year old wife of britain's prince williams gave birth to princess
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charlotte on may second. she joined older brother prince george. she looks great either way, right. 12:14. time to check on your philadelphia jobs market report. here's cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger. >> is there a job you may have prepared for, simply by searching for one yourself. a career counselor. counselors assist people with job-related decisions by helping them choose a career path or educational programs suitable for their skills. career counselors work in colleges, governmental agencies and career centers as well as in private practices. they develop plans to improve their client's current career and provide advise about entering a new profession. some may work in out placement firms and assist laid off workers with transitions into new jobs or careers. while others work in corporate career centers, to assist employees in making decision about their career path, within their companies. most employers required career counselors to have a master's degree, with a focus on career
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development, and a some prefer to have hire licensed career counselors, although license is not required in many settings. to learn more about the requirements in pennsylvania, you can visit the the national board for certified counselors web site, at nbc i'm jill schlesinger for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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welcome back, we want to share with you our first look at meteorologist katie fehlinger's adorable twin baby girls and momma, look at how good she's doing. katie and her husband steve welcomed parker and caden in the world august 26th. they are all doing well. send our best wishes to katie's growing family. i texted with her this morning. she said you know, nicole, you are absolutely right, this is
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the the best thing in the world. so happy to hear that. we will come visit very soon. >> hopefully she'sing having fun. enjoy your time. >> relax. >> today is a a great day to take the baby down to the park, take the stroller out. it will be a beautiful day to day. already beautiful. get out and enjoy it if you can. we are talking 80's which is warmer then we should be and makes for a couple nice things. lets take a look outside, making for beautiful skies. blue skies, gorgeous. i was just outside. i have to tell you it is one of the days you go a hh heading out the door. there is center city looking good. it is also, perfect weather for other things like, football, and being friday night we have a game to talk about. in fact we have our friday football frenzy here, game of the week, garnett valley verse ridley. the beautiful 78 degrees at 7:00 p.m. enjoy that. you have perfect weather. look at these temperatures in the 80's in spots. eighty in atlantic city. eighty-one in trenton,
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philadelphia and allentown. reading at 80 degrees also. heading down the shore very nice in the 70's with a breeze, cape may coming in at 81 degrees and take a look at this, wow, this is our live neighborhood network, 72 degrees, beautiful, everybody stralling down the boardwalk, all of the beach umbrellas, doesn't the what the are look perfect. lets take a collective breath. everybody thinking that you are at a beach. why not. take yourself there. 80 degrees as high as we will get. uv index up there sunnies out. rip current risk is low. no problem if you want to take your toes and put them in the water. storm scan three shows that we have clear skies, times when you look and glad that the tides are moving in because otherwise is this thing working or on? it is. a as we zoom out we will see what is happening which is a storm system rolling across, ahead of the cold front that will cause trouble in the midwest. they are looking out for tornadoes in spots. it will will help to knock our temperatures down. while we are looking at 85 as
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a high and average is 77. you can see into sunday and monday our temperatures will dip down below average and we're talking 70's next week, on wednesday when we usher in our fall weather, autumnal equinox is next wednesday inning. our high pressure will get knocked out of the way by this cold front that struck through. you can see here saturday afternoon. if you are in western pennsylvania pennsylvania you can see a few showers but it does not look like it will hold it to the coast. the that is late night saturday. mostly dissipating working our way into our sunday. i don't think rain will be the story but it will cause cloudy weather saturday into sunday. be prepared for that. today we don't that have problem. eighty-five, nice warm and sunny. overnight lows 64 degrees. very comfortable, clear great night to get outside and enjoy it. take a look, it is an interesting forecast. here we go 80's into saturday. cloud saturday night into sunday. then temperatures start to react and say, hey, you know what, it is fall, and we're not supposed to be in the 80's
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and we will go down in the 70's. it will be interesting next week, right. we have got a big jewish holiday big tuesday into wednesday. autumnal equinox the next evening. a lot of significant changes coming. >> like mother nature got the memo, it is fall. >> yes. >> into the 07's, kyla thanks. 12:21. here's pat ciarrocchi why you will love the a arts in philly. >> reporter: opera, yanick and frank is all reasons to love arts in philadelphia this october. add to that chamber orchestra of philadelphia in september and you have a calendar of culture, waiting to be even joyed. opera philadelphia is hitting the high notes as it opens up with this classic le tre vata, it is on the woman and her young lover alfredo set a against a rich backdrop and a score that will bring tears.
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it is at the academy of muse wick five performances, october 2nd, through the 11th. classic, and contemporary, orchestra and electronics, it is the chamber orchestra of philadelphia. on stage the at the pearl man theater september 20th and 21st. the classic is s a soon the contemporary an original concert for chamber orchestra, piano and ipad, composed by conrad taubb. he is a sound scape of rich orchestra. >> ♪ >> and then, there is the sound of frank, with the artistry of michael andrew. the philly pops present sinatra, a centennial celebration at verizon hall, the the weekend of october 9th, with a fourth show added for sunday night. michael andrew and philly pops conductor michael krajewsky created a sinatra musical
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journey, 100th birthday celebration begins october 9th. and within days of performing on the papal stage, pope francis in philly, the the philadelphia orchestra opens up its season with yanick conducting, at verizon hall were four shows october 1st, through the fourth. performing a 24 year-old russian piano player, daniel, who has become a master of rockmaninoff. >> for tickets for 201,015th, 2016 art season go to the arts in for the the buzz on the top shows, and a chance to win free tickets, follow the the arts on twitter, at the arts in philly. i'm pat ciarrocchi, we will have more news after this.
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welcome back. it might feel like summer but fall, in philadelphia will be here before you know it. and one sure sign is tonight's opening night of the eastern state penitentiary terror behind the walls. if you have been to this thing it is just horrifying. it is a spook a tracks. but the 25th annual season of terror behind the walls starts tonight at 7:00, 22nd and fairmount. >> i'm scared already. >> it is crazy. >> i'm not doing that. >> that is "eyewitness news" at noon i'm he nicole brewer. for all of us here thanks for watching, "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00 o'clock. the we are always on line cbs young and restless is next. have a good
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>> ian: with you as my muse, my story can't help but have a happy ending. >> phyllis: well, you know, there is a sky full of stars tonight, so i am gonna wish on one just to guarantee it. >> ian: you're a dear person, phyllis. >> phyllis: well, i know a few people would disagree with you. >> ian: well, they're wrong. i'm blessed that you came into my life when you did. it's perfect timing. >> phyllis: must have been in the stars. >> victor: send him in. hello, jack. what do you want? >> jack: oh, i wondered if you had any news for me, say, about our old friend marco annic


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